If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed.

I filmed this B-roll in quarantine using my Sony a7iii camera and of course, beer. B - rolls are always a good and fun choice, especially after having watched dozens of them online, picking up some inspiration in the process. Enjoy!

A short promo video made for VST, a Croatian transport company.

This Halloween, I decided to do a mini beer commercial / b- roll. This promo video was shot using a Sony a7iii camera + Tamron lenses. Backlight really made the whole difference. Hope you like it!

A short cinematic film I made called "The LAAST". This short film is about inner problems that haunt us through our lives, leaving us to ask ourselves if they're real or just a figment of our imagination. Enjoy!

Such an amazing project to film! I had a fun time watching and filming this pure art in the making. Lean back, make it full screen and enjoy!

A cinematic travel of Sri lanka. We had spent 2 weeks traveling through the country, learning about it's history, meeting the amazing Sri Lankan people, and exploring the culture. Sri Lanka is definitely one of the most unique countries I've visited. Hope you enjoy the video.

This cinematic video was filmed on our last hike to Tulove Grede, Croatia. This place feels like another planet and is known worldwide as the setting for the Winnetou movies. These peaks render everybody speachless, making them perfect for a quiet getaway!

In winter 2020, I decided to visit the famous Dolomites after having watched dozens of cinematic videos about them. Take a seat, make your self comfortable, and watch this short travel video about something you can only imagine.

This Christmas, I decided to make a b-roll using beer and the stuff I already have at home. I made snow out of Styrophoam. It was so much fun to make this short beer promo video with Christmas decorations. Hope you'll enjoy!