Photography and videography are my passion.

I help companies show off their products and skills to the world by enhancing their value with a professional looking videos and photos made for social networks, websites, and private profiles. You name it – I do it!

I consider myself as a very detail-oriented person. I am aware that not everything can be perfect, but I always strive to get as close as possible.

YouTube is my best friend – I absolutely love learning from world famous editors and soaking up new information. That really helped me have an exponential growth as a filmmaker and photographer.

10 year old “ME” would never have thought I’d be taking this path in life. My love for creating started 5 years ago when I applied for my first student exchange in the USA. This opportunity made me want to keep those memories for a lifetime. And or course, there was no better way to do it than to film and document this experience.

I love travelling, reading books, and eating my way through the world. I’m always seeking discomfort to expand my comfort zone.

Feel free to connect with me. I’m looking forward to new challenges!